Wrestling Journal $10

Parents, I have put together a wrestling journal to help your wrestler keep up with their progress through the year.  It starts off with a Pre-Season goal page followed by tournaments pages where they can log the tournament date, place, the weight they entered and the results. It also has a place to record what they will remember most about that particular tournament, as well as a section to record “things done well” and “things to work on”. Each tournament page is followed by a blank page with a quote or clip art, with room to add a photo. The back of each blank page is the NCAA Champions for each year since 1993. The last blank page has a place to write in the 2012 NCAA Champions.  The last page of the journal is a page for Season Accomplishments and a section to log things to work on for next season. It has been a great tool for our son to use over the years to keep up with his progress.

They can be customized by team and color. A few samples are show below with the inside pages.

journal 001.jpgjournal 002.jpg

journal 003.jpgjournal 008.jpg

journal 004.jpgjournal 005.jpg


journal 006.jpgjournal 007.jpg

(The pages look blue, but they are white)

If interested, please let me know, LeaAnn Newton